And you think, we speak

And you think, we speak If the child gets used to answer only when he knows a lesson by heart, it was gone.

And you think, we speak to the son instead of the moralizing: It was necessary to do homework!

Of course, it was necessary.

But it is necessary to be and resourceful, it is necessary to be also the creative person!

THE WORD TO THE READER Today we with confidence say that each normal child is born with congenital creative abilities.

But creative people only those children which conditions of education allowed to develop these abilities in time grow up.

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In our family

In our family In our family so do not arrive.

From you there is so much noise!

With you one trouble!


You think only of yourself!

You same, as your father!

Do not long!

We it is useless we spend time, speaking to children that they were not such what as it seems to us, they are.

Moreover speaking to them that they became such what we want them to see.

Often it comes to an end that, having become adults, they, as before, continue to be engaged in business which does not inspire them at all.

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Plastic plates. Plastic

Plastic plates. Plastic Words with syllables of a pl, plo, a pla, pla, blo, to a bl Say words and phrases correctly Raincoat, scarf, kerchief, swimming trunks, plafond, planet, plates, plasticine, platform, swimmer, poster, pilaf, raft, dam, small fry, flat dish, plow.

Plastic plafond.

Plastic plate, flat dish.

Plastic plates.

Plastic chair.

The blouse, jumper, blouse, heel, notebook, the form, the block, gratitude to thank, the blonde, the blonde.

Words with syllables of a gl, glo, Gloux, gla Say words correctly Eyes, peephole, bigeyed, eyes, eyes, glazonk, glazishch, glazed, glaze, a smooth surface, ironing, the presser, glazheny, fried eggs, smooth to iron.

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She played

She played It always went in the blouse giving it similarity to the French artist, and the bunch pinned up pins from baleen at that time it seemed to me that it sticks pins directly to herself in the head.


Krey was a woman the strict, but kind, and skillful teacher.

Me and the sister Jean it concerned equally.

She played with us, drove to ride a sledge, played on a piano military marches under which we cheerfully marched on the room.

But Ms.

Cray did not approve tendernesses.

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If a question

If a question It is the fact; but why in some souls only good and honest intentions, and suddenly are born in some also suddenly unscrupulous, angry, and even criminal?

How it is arranged in soul there, what one, wellmannered and educated person, can kill, and another, illbred and uneducated, cannot kill?

Here question of questions.

If a question of questions if a riddle of riddles, and the answer has to be looked for in secret secret human soul.

Lets address to a hypothesis of the famous physiologist, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR P.

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It beat

It beat In any case, having mentioned the word is kind, they do not start apologizing and specifying right there that mean not abstract good and that it is necessary to distinguish kind from the dobrenky.

The word good does not demand explanations and apologies.

But the reason for which the teenager from the story of the judge beat the stranger, not only that he did not know good.

It beat the stranger.

To get support , our, he cannot live without them, he is insufficiently developed for this purpose and ready to be ready to do anything, even on murder of the person and murder of own destiny if only considered it if only his wild, not improved requirement in bezopasnostiMy was satisfied.

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Work on conscience. Also

Work on conscience. Also You want to learn the world surrounding you?

Love it and in relation to it be fair it is honest.

Work on conscience.

Also be not afraid of deception, and despise it: Take heart, despise deception, Of the truth vigorously follow Stezey Once I was at school on the first of September at the first lesson in the first class, sat quietly on the last school desk.

On a break I saw in a corridor of the confused kid: got lost.

You from what class?

I asked.

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